Director Hong Won-ki had a meal with the family of a foreign player… Tradition of Conflict Prevention Heroes

Kiwoom Heroes coach Hong Won-ki had a meaningful time with foreign players in Arizona.

After training on the 19th (Korean time),바카라사이트 manager Hong Won-ki, who is leading the spring camp in Arizona, USA, invited foreign pitchers Eric Yokishi and Ariel Hurado, infielder Edison Russell, and their families to dinner together.

Coach Hong Won-ki had a meal with the foreign players and gave them encouragement and good wishes along with the order, “Please do your best this season.” He also shared unusual stories, such as listening to the concerns of foreign players and their families.

Coach Hong Won-ki said, “Anyway, there are restrictions on communication with foreign players, so it is difficult to comfortably share what is in the heart. I made this because I thought I would need time to listen to their concerns and thoughts ahead of the season,” he said. “Above all, it was more meaningful to hear the stories of the families who attended with the players.”

On the other hand, whenever Kiwoom held spring camp abroad before Corona 19, it brought a special seat only for the coach and foreign players as an encouragement.

In a way, it could have been taken for granted, but as a tradition, Heroes spend time separately with the coach and foreign players (families).

It’s not just limited to camp. Even during the season, I make time to have a meal with the coach and foreign players.

It is to create a natural place to listen to the grievances of foreign players who are bound to be strangers.

Some people find the reason why Heroes traditionally do not have problems with foreign players in this meeting. This is because the coach opens his mind and continues to communicate with foreign players.

Foreign players have no choice but to be sensitive to the issue of appointment. Depending on the number of matches played, the options often differ. If you don’t understand the director’s intention properly, it’s easy to create conflict. This is the reason why not a few teams are shaken by conflicts between foreign players and coaches.

However, Heroes is considered a team with few conflicts. At the center of it, it can be said that there is a tradition of providing a place for such communication.

If it is not for skill, it seems that he will be able to communicate with foreign players without major conflict this season. Heroes’ precious tradition is what makes them so confident.