‘DB return’ Han Sang-min SK coach joins Kim Joo-seong’s division

 Coach Han Sang-min 메이저사이트(42) returned to his parents’ home. He was appointed as a coach to assist coach Kim Joo-sung.

On the 15th, Wonju DB said, “For the composition of the coaching staff for the new season, former SK coach Han Sang-min was newly appointed. He has signed a new contract with the existing coach Lee Kwang-jae (39).”

Coach Han Sang-min was a player at DB from 2004 to 2009, and after his retirement, he worked as an SK power analysis and coach for about 10 years. DB said, “Coach Sang-min Han has 8 years of coaching experience and extensive knowledge of foreign players, so we decided that he would lead the team well by assisting coach Kim Joo-seong.”

Meanwhile, DB promoted the existing trainer Yoon Jun to a physical fitness coach and primarily finished the composition of the coaching staff.