‘Control and restraint’ emphasized by the ‘Rocket’ national team coach… Only the final 20 players remain!

 “I selected a pitcher who will be the first pitcher. For the rest of the year, you need to increase your redemption.”토토사이트

Lee Dong-hyeon (40, SBS Sports commentator), coach of the women’s national baseball team, revealed the background of the selection of players from the list of 30 women’s national team standings announced on the 21st and delivered future plans.

Coach Lee, who closely observed the players at the 2023 Women’s Baseball National Team Selection Tournament held at Hwaseong Dream Park on the 18th, said, “It is true that the skills of the players who played the national team caught my eye. This time, in order to create an atmosphere for a generational change, I carefully watched the young players in the pitching part. There were many outstanding resources among them.”

I picked up the names of two impressive players and mentioned them. Both players are in their late teens. They made it to the 30-member list of the standing army, but they have to pass another test to make it to the final 20.

There are less than three months left until the Women’s Baseball Asian Cup. Coach Lee said, “The top priority is to increase velocity,” and added, “Still, there were many players who were good at defending in this selection match. The national team’s defense is solid.” He said, “If so, you should get the maximum help from the defense by throwing a strike without giving a walk and making a ball in play. This selection criterion was based on whether or not he was in control, and he looked at the ability to end the inning with the help of the defense as much as possible.”

Coach Lee is so good at speed that he was nicknamed ‘Rocket’ by throwing heavy fastballs well during his active career. Women’s national baseball team players also say, “I want to increase the speed to more than 110 km per hour.” Coach Lee said, “You have to train a lot. Looking at the players, there are many movements that disperse the force while throwing. Coaching to reduce that part will be discussed with the national team coach Jeong Yong-woon.”

In December of last year, when he was not a coach, coach Lee Dong-hyun willingly participated in a women’s baseball clinic at the request of manager Yang Sang-moon and gave daily coaching to the players. I saw it once, and this time I saw it for the second time, but I learned the names and faces of the players. Team coach Yang Sang-moon said with a hearty smile, “Coach Dong-hyun Lee memorized the names of the players and mentioned how the players improved compared to last year.”

Coach Lee Dong-hyun is a one-club man who played for the professional baseball LG Twins for 19 years, and went on to become a commentator after his retirement. For such Lee Dong-hyun, the 2023 women’s baseball national team pitching coach position became the first step as a leader.

Coach Lee said, “I thought that baseball infrastructure should be developed from amateur baseball to women’s baseball. Recently, there have been a lot of women who are looking for professional baseball. In order for professional baseball to develop, it is necessary to increase women’s interest. As part of that, he readily accepted the position of coaching the national women’s baseball team.”

Although coach Lee Dong-hyun advocates ‘fun baseball’, he said that there is some level of performance burden in international competitions. Coach Lee said, “Of course there is a burden. Whether it is men’s baseball or women’s baseball, there is no choice but to be there because it represents the country. However, it is a great honor in itself to attend an international competition. I am proud to select the representative players, and I am honored to be appointed as a coach.”

Lastly, Coach Lee said, “Now we have selected 30 people, and the final barrier remains after 3 weeks. 10 more are eliminated. During the remaining 6 training sessions, I will select good players and match the composition of the players as well as possible to achieve good results. I believe that international competition results are important for the development and success of women’s baseball. I will have a sense of duty,” he promised.