Complaining of diarrhea and abdominal pain after eating school lunch at Seocho Children’s Language Institute… suspected group food poisoning

At a children’s English language school in Seocho-gu먹튀검증, Seoul, suspected group food poisoning symptoms occurred, and the health authorities launched an investigation.

The Seocho-gu Public Health Center announced today (22nd) that several students and faculty members who ate meals provided by the language school complained of food poisoning symptoms such as diarrhea and abdominal pain on the 18th, and are investigating the cause.

The language institute counted that 59 out of 84 members, including students and teachers, are showing symptoms.

Eight of them were also confirmed to be hospitalized and receiving treatment.

An official from Seocho-gu said, “We took samples not only from the bodies of faculty members with symptoms, but also from drinking water, cooking utensils, and doorknobs in classrooms and bathrooms, and requested the inspection to the Seoul Institute of Health and Environment.”

The language school sent a notice to parents, saying, “We deeply apologize to the children and parents who are suffering,” and said, “We are doing our best to identify the exact cause and prevent recurrence.”

However, parents are angry that the language school did not inform them of the exact facts. In a phone call with KBS,

one parent said, “The language school has not yet properly notified the cause.” made it,” he said. In response, the language school said, “We plan to provide medical expenses free of charge,” and explained, “We will receive food from outside companies or use lunch boxes until the results of the public health center come out.”