‘Clutch Park’ Park Jung-ah flew… Expressway construction, driver’s recovery at the edge of the cliff

 Korea Expressway Corporation, which was driven to the edge of the cliff in the women’s professional volleyball championship match, succeeded in counterattacking in the home room.

Highway Corporation scored Heungkuk Life Insurance a set score of 3-1 (22-25 25-21 25-22 25-20 ) was pressed.

The Korea Expressway Corporation, which returned to the home after losing the 1st and 2nd matches held in Incheon, revived by winning its first victory after 2 losses. However, Heungkuk Life Insurance, who still has the advantage, only needs to add one win in the 4th and 5th games. The road construction team has to win all the remaining two games to win.

‘Clutch Park’ Park Jung-ah (24 points안전놀이터) was the number one contributor to the victory. Park Jung-ah flew wildly, posting 24 points, the most of both teams that day. He completely dominated the court, including 3 blockings. Catbell and Bae Yu-na also scored 21 and 16 points, respectively. In particular, Bae Yuna led the atmosphere by raising 6 points, including 2 blockings, in the 3rd set, which was the biggest match.

Heungkuk Life Insurance took control of the early atmosphere. Heungkuk Life Insurance overwhelmed the road construction with Kim Yeon-kyung, who recorded 8 points and an attack success rate of 72.73% in the first set alone.

The road construction, which gave the first set to Heungkuk Life Insurance, started counterattacking from the second set. From the middle of the 2nd set, the attack led by Park Jung-ah revived. Park Jung-ah recorded 7 points and an attack success rate of 58.33% in the second set alone.

Road Corporation, trailing by 18-20 in the second set, scored 5 points starting with Catbell’s quick open and succeeded in turning the game around 23-20. In the end, the set was finished with Park Jung-ah’s quick open at 24-21.

The biggest win was 3 sets. The road construction was behind 15-20 in the middle of the set, and the defeat was dark. However, Bae You-na scored consecutively with fast attacks and blocking, and caught up with 19-20. Then, in 19-21, Lee Ye-eun served, starting with Park Jung-ah’s quick open, and again scored 4 consecutive points to overturn the game.

The road construction, which won 25-22 with a thrilling turnaround show in the 3rd set, eventually brought the 5th set to 25-20 and put an end to the game. Heungkuk Life Insurance fought hard with Kim Yeon-kyung scoring 22 points, Yelena 21 points, and Kim Mi-yeon scoring 13 points, but the loss was that the number of errors was 24, which was 9 more than the road construction (14).

Meanwhile, the 4th round of the women’s championship match will be held on the 4th at the road construction home, Gimcheon Gymnasium.