Choi Young-Woo and Jeong Faith-Eum, 1st place in Incheon representative bowling competition at the National Sports Festival

 The Incheon national team has been confirmed to participate in the bowling of the 104th National Sports Festival to be held in Mokpo, Jeollanam-do in October.

On the 14th at the Incheon National Sports Festival held 스포츠토토at the Incheon Fiesta Asiad Bowling Stadium, high school Choi Yeong-woo (Wondan High School) and high school girl Jung Faith-eum (Samsan High School) took first place in the male and female high school divisions.

Choi Young-woo scored a total of 10,087 points (average 210.1 points) in 48 games in Namgobu, beating Bae Jeong-hoon (total 10,062 points, average 209.6 points) and Seo Byeong-geun (total 9,924 points, average 206.8 points) to take first place. went up

Kim Sa-min (Wondang High School, average 206.4 points), Kim Chan-hee (Hyosung High School, average 202.4 points), and Kim Ha-jin (Hyosung High School, average 200.7 points) also took 4th to 6th places and were finally selected as representatives.

In the girls’ high school division, Jung Shin-eum (Samsan High) scored 9,701 points (average 202.1 points) in 48 games, beating Kim Yeon-jin (Yeonsu Girls’ High School, total 9,577 points) and Jeong Yu-jin (Samsan High, total 9,457 points) and winning 1 Lee Yeon-joo (total 9,183 points), Jang Han-na (total 8,982 points), and Bae Ji-hyeon (above Samsan High School, total 8 966 points) were also selected as Incheon representatives.

This selection match was played for 6 days from the 9th, and a total of 48 games were played, 8 games each day, and the top 6 players in each of the male and female high school divisions were confirmed with the final total score.

In addition, Incheon Transportation Corporation in the men’s general division and Bupyeong-gu Office in the women’s general division will automatically participate as Incheon representatives in the National Sports Festival as a unified team without selection.