“Choi Doo-ho? I should have won… A rematch is also good” UFC Nelson thinks of ‘draw’

“I think I should have won that game.”

UFC featherweight fighter Kyle Nelson (32, Canada) recalled his match against ‘Korean Superboy’ Choi Doo-ho (32).

Nelson and Doo-ho Choi clashed fists in a featherweight match at UFC Fight Night held at UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA last February. The result was a draw.

At the time, one of the three judges ruled in Choi Doo-ho’s favor with a score of 29-27, but the other two judges scored it 28-28 and the match ended in a draw.

At the time, there were many criticisms in Korea that it was an ‘unclear decision.’ The prevailing opinion was that Choi Doo-ho calmly played the game well, using a mix of kicks and fists from the first round, and had the upper hand. However, in the middle of the third round, Choi Doo-ho’s head collided with Nelson’s face and the referee stopped the fight. The referee judged Choi Doo-ho’s headbutt and deducted 1 point. Nevertheless, UFC President Dana White at the time said, ‘This is a match that Doo-ho Choi won.’

Nelson recently said through this newspaper, “The verdict was equal. I think I probably won the first round because I took Choi Doo-ho’s back position and put him in a choke. I hit him with a powerful overhand in the second round, causing him to stumble slightly against the fence. So I think I probably won the second round with this. The third round wasn’t very good. The third round was a close match. “He blocked my takedown and I thought he could have won the third round,” he elaborated.

A ‘foul’ was pointed out. “There was a headbutt,” Nelson said. And the referee pointed out that Choi Doo-ho grabbed my glove. “So there was a deduction and I think I should have won the match,” he said. “Chairman White said that Superboy won the match and that he would be given a victory bonus, which was interesting to me. Usually, Chairman White says that if a decision is made, it is the player’s fault. He always firmly tells fighters, ‘Don’t leave the decision to the judges.’ However, this game went to a decision, and in that situation, he picked the winner. “That’s why he was interesting.”안전놀이터

At the time, the referee judged it to be a ‘headbutt’ and stopped the game, which made fans wonder. First of all, because there was no ‘intention’. Nelson thought differently. He said, “I think the points were deducted because there were two warnings before. It’s understandable that many fans think it’s too harsh to deduct points for one headbutt, as they’ve only seen the headbutt scene. “But I think the referee added all of these points and deducted points because he had already warned Choi Doo-ho several times.”

Although Nelson also felt somewhat unfair, he respected Choi Doo-ho, calling him “a truly outstanding fighter.” “I would love to be able to fight as often as possible,” he said. Whoever the UFC gives me (against) is fine. It would be great if I could fight Choi Doo-ho again. But even if that’s not the case, it’s okay.”

Nelson, who fought Choi Doo-ho last February, won by decision over Break Builder four months later in June. And he will face Fernado Padilla at the ‘Noce UFC: Grasso vs Shevchenko 2’ tournament held on the 17th.

He said, “Padilla is a great fighter. “He is 1m 85cm tall, which is very tall for the featherweight division,” he said. “I also competed in the lightweight division and fought against tall fighters, including Jai Herbert. Knows how to fight tall opponents. “I will use the same strategy against Padilla as I did against them,” he declared.

His opponent, Padilla, has now had his first UFC fight. Nevertheless, the ‘underdog’ is Nelson. “I don’t really care (about the evaluation),” Nelson said. I am always the underdog. Even though we were underdogs in the last game, we won. “I don’t really care about the odds,” he said. “It will end with a TKO in the second half of the first round.” “It will probably end with a standing strike,” he said, confident of victory.