Chinese ambassador slams ‘betting’ remarks as “interference in internal affairs”

Yesterday, our Foreign Ministry summoned Chinese Ambassador Xing Haiming for publicly stating that “betting on China’s defeat is a bad idea”.

It sternly warned him that his provocative remarks could constitute interference in internal affairs.

Reporter Shin Soo-ah.

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned Chinese Ambassador to South Korea Xing Haiming yesterday morning안전놀이터.

The ministry took issue with remarks made by Ambassador Xing at a dinner with Democratic Party of Korea leader Lee Jae-myung.

In the context of the US-China rivalry, Xing said that “betting on China’s defeat is a mistake” and openly criticized the foreign policy of Yun Suk-yeol’s government, calling it a mistake that will surely be regretted and a failure to grasp the course of history.

[Xing Haiming/Chinese Ambassador to South Korea (in Chinese)]
“With the U.S. pressuring China with all its might, it seems that some people are betting that the U.S. will win and China will lose.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs sternly warned and strongly regretted Ambassador Xing’s remarks, calling them unprofessional and provocative, contrary to diplomatic conventions.

First Vice Foreign Minister Jang Ho-jin also warned Singh that criticizing government policies in unacceptable language could amount to interference in internal affairs.

The President’s office also expressed its discomfort, with the head of the National Security Service saying that “mutual respect” is fundamental to bilateral relations.

[Cho Tae-yong/National Security Council]
“We will continue to build healthy bilateral relations through dignified diplomacy that meets the eyes of the people in line with Korea’s enhanced national power.”

Foreign Minister Park Jin-chol also strongly criticized the remarks, saying that an ambassador’s role is to promote friendship, not spread misunderstandings.