‘Chess type’ Sanchez picks up a promising star “Han Ji-eun has a very special ability”

Daniel Sanchez (SY), who turned to the PBA through the first interview, spoke without hesitation about what he felt while going through individual tours and team leagues.

Sanchez, who recently sat face-to-face at the PBA Stadium in Goyang, explained his professional adaptation period in Korea with a seasoned but not very heavy answer. He could hear various stories such as fierce competition in a fancy stadium, the story of deciding to go to another country in search of a second billiards life, and teamwork.

While listening to Sanchez’s story, I also became curious about the surroundings through his eyes. He asked which player on the team he was most looking forward to. He singled out Han Ji-eun, the youngest female player on the team.

When asked why, he said, “Han Ji-eun is usually shy and has a small body, but when she enters the game, she shows off a strong stroke and the attitude to the game is very surprising. There is a gap.” I feel that the characters of Jo Myung-woo (Seoul City Hall) and Ji-eun Han are a little similar, but Jo Myung-woo’s skills are still one level higher, but he told Ji-eun Han, “You have a very special ability.” told

SY Han Ji-eun, PBA

He also praised Korean billiards as “the center of world billiards” as seen through his eyes.

“There are many good players in Colombia, Mexico, and Turkey, but I think Korea is the center of billiards in the world. I went to the club for two months and dealt with many players, and there were many very good players.

” There were countless billiards. Sanchez said, “There were only about three billiard rooms in one neighborhood in Barcelona where I lived, but when I moved to Ilsan, I could easily see ten to fifteen billiard rooms.”

On the other hand, Spain has a much smaller billiard room, but young prospects are stepping in.

Sanchez said, “When I was on the air, there were a lot of people in their 40s and 50s when I went to the billiard room, but recently there are many very young players between the ages of 16 and 17. It is difficult to say that they are very good players right away, but they all have great skills. There are many players who are trying to follow David Zapata (Blue One Resort) and David Martinez (Crown Haetae), who are currently active in the PBA.”

It naturally melted into the splendid stadium unique to the PBA. Sanchez said, “(The PBA) environment itself is very different from the federation,” and “I didn’t adapt well to cheering loudly at first. Especially when I played the first round team league, the cheering sound, lighting, and music were all new.” Confessed. However, he is taking it positively.토토사이트

Until now, Korea, which was only a short visit, is now living in Korea and is passing through a period of adaptation on a wider level. Sanchez said, “It’s been more than two and a half months since I came to Korea, and I’m currently receiving private tutoring, and I’m trying to learn as much as possible by talking with people around me.” In fact, the intonation of the few words he threw was similar to that of Koreans.

Was there a culture that he was unfamiliar with after coming to Korea? When asked about this, he said, “First of all, I felt a big difference regardless of good or bad. First, there is the older brother-younger culture. Ivan Mayor and I have a very large age difference, but we consider each other as friends. But when I go to a Korean billiard room, people call me ‘chess I call him ‘hyung’ and it feels very friendly. I like this culture,” he said with a smile.

The second thing I picked was the unexpectedly ‘cool(?)’ Korean people’s gaze. Sanchez said, “Korea doesn’t seem to care about other people.” Everyone stares at me when I go to , but in Korea they don’t pay attention to how I dress.”

Before finishing the interview, he gave a message to the fans who supported Sanchez, who started his ‘second billiard life’ in the new team SY and Korean professional billiards.

“I want to say thank you for supporting our fans. Also, I want to go to as many regions as possible and meet the fans in person. When I meet the fans, they call me ‘chess hyung’, and it feels very close to the fans, which is very nice. Someone I feel how good it is to acknowledge and recognize me. I would appreciate it if you would support me even if I’m not doing well.”