Celtic expects to recruit Oh Hyun-kyu ↑ “Medical completed early this week, met colleagues”

Oh Hyun-kyu’s advance into Europe is imminent. Oh Hyeon-gyu, who dreamed of playing on the overseas stage, responded to Celtic’s courtship from the end of last year. Suwon Samsung, their team, was in a position that they could not give Oh Hyeon-gyu to the first offer, but decided to send Oh Hyeon-gyu to repeated love calls. 헤라카지노

Scottish media and Celtic fans seem to welcome Oh Hyun-kyu’s joining. Many media outlets are reporting the status of Oh Hyun-gyu’s transfer in real time, and Celtic fans are also waiting for the ‘official’ announcement to share the news through social media.

Football Scotland’ said, “The green light was turned on for Oh Hyun-kyu’s transfer. He will meet his Celtic colleagues.” The media explained, “Oh Hyun-gyu is now waiting for the official confirmation process in the transfer market. He has already met prospective Celtic teammates,” and explained that his Celtic trip has been established.

Another media, ‘The Celtic Star’ also said, “The contract is being finalized.”

Oh Hyun-gyu’s final transfer fee, known through various local media, is 2.5 million pounds (approximately 3.8 billion won), and Football Scotland said, “As the transfer fee is decided, the medical test was completed earlier this week.” Oh Hyun-gyu is now leaving only the paperwork between the two clubs.

Meanwhile, Celtic has been focusing on the Asian market in the transfer market this winter. During the World Cup, he showed interest in Cho Kyu-sung and Oh Hyun-kyu. It currently has a number of players from the Japanese J-League and is a ‘pro-Asian club’ led by manager Enze Postecoglu, who served as the Australian national team’s command tower.