Behind the Scenes of Jung Yoo Jung…The Real Reason for Targeting Victims?

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◇Anchor> This time, Jung Yoo-jeong chose a fellow female college student as the target of her crime. What kind of psychology do you think lies behind this?

Lee Soo-jeong> First of all, Jung Jung-jeong has 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, just like everyone else, but she didn’t do any social activities, so during that time, she was trying very hard to satisfy her interests, her curiosity, etc. through the information that was posted online. At the same time, she thought that her biggest handicap was that she couldn’t get a job after graduating from high school for five years, so she thought, “I can’t speak English, and because of this, I can’t have a social life. So in the end, the tutoring app targeted the victim’s very competent English teacher, an English teacher who graduated from a top university. So in a way, my deficiency and the victim’s strengths are actually related to each other, so I think it’s correct to say that I wanted to have the same social status as the tutor, the same education as the tutor, and these things became the reason for choosing this victim.

◇Anchor> There are also interpretations that inferiority complexes and English complexes may have motivated the crime, but if that’s the case, does that mean that there was also a desire to switch identities?

Lee Soo-jeong> I don’t think he had an explicit plan to switch identities, but he must have thought, “I want to be that person so badly.” In fact, there have been cases in Korea where people have actually killed other people and lived as that person. The real-life case of the movie Hwacha, which happened in 2010, the real-life case of the murder without a body, which seems to be quite related, and now this case is a case of a person who caused his own death for the purpose of insurance money and then lived as someone else to collect the insurance money. It’s not like there aren’t cases of people taking on other people’s identities.