“Are you sure you’re 59 kilograms?”…Airlines put women on passenger scales

A video recently surfaced of a foreign airline forcing안전놀이터 a female passenger to step onto a baggage scale to check her weight. While the airline’s actions sparked a debate among passengers, the FAA considers it legal to ask overweight passengers to weigh themselves on small aircraft.

On March 30, TikTok, a short-form platform for posting 15- to 10-minute videos, posted a video of a woman stepping onto a baggage scale at the airport. “All passengers share their weight with the airline crew for safety reasons,” said Lillian, the TikTok user who posted the video. “However, the flight attendant suspected that one woman was lying about her weight, so she was put on the luggage scale,” she added.

“The suspect woman claimed she weighed about 130 pounds (59 kilograms),” Lillian continued, “but since it was a small passenger plane, it was apparently necessary to know her exact weight for safety reasons.” Despite Lillian’s explanation, some commenters pointed out that the airline’s actions were an invasion of personal privacy and could be illegal.

However, the behavior of airline employees has been confirmed to be legal. The FAA has announced that starting in 2021, small airliners will be able to require overweight passengers to weigh in to ensure they don’t exceed the allowed weight limit. However, it stipulated that the weight information must not be disclosed to other members of the public.