Are you still lacking? Dropped out of the 2nd camp for “practice-oriented”… ‘Young team’ competition for survival has begun [SC focus]

 It was unusual for Sangmu to take players who were scheduled to enlist to field training. 바카라The Lotte Giants are increasing their concentration in preparing for the opening.

The Lotte team will hold the second training on Ishigaki Island, Japan from the 20th and the third training on the main island of Okinawa from the 27th.

For this spring camp, Lotte had a large team of 13 coaches and 47 players. However, as the opening approaches, a ‘cutoff’ is inevitable.

The first cutoff was made ahead of the move to Ishigaki. The Lotte team returned five players, including Na Won-tak, Lee Tae-yeon, Cho Se-jin, Han Tae-yang, and Jang Doo-seong. These five will join Futures Camp in Sang-dong, Gimhae from the 19th.

The club explained, “Considering the condition, it was composed mainly of players who will compete in the actual game.” In Ishigaki, practice matches are scheduled with Chiba Lotte Marines’ second team, and in Okinawa, SSG Landers, KIA Tigers, Samsung Lions, and Hanwha Eagles. In particular, in the case of the latter, it is called the ‘Okinawa League’ and has played a role in quenching the thirst of baseball fans waiting for the opening.

Jo Se-jin and Han Tae-yang are preparing to enlist in the military in May. The fact that they accompanied them to field training was a big consideration from the club’s point of view. Guam, where daytime temperatures exceed 30 degrees Celsius, is vastly different from Sangdong in both temperature and environment.

Left-handed pitcher Lee Tae-yeon was the only rookie along with Kim Min-seok to participate in this year’s spring camp. Kim Min-seok, who showed off his fierce blows at Geelong Korea and was recognized for his potential, survived, but Lee Tae-yeon returned home. However, it is up to Lee Tae-yeon to seize the opportunity due to the team’s lack of lefties.

Na Won-tak and Jang Du-seong must be left with regret. Considering his age, it is regrettable to have one opportunity. Except for free agents and released players, it is a young Lotte roster that is rarely seen in their 30s. As such, the competition for survival is bound to be fierce.

From the second camp, Koo Seung-min will join and a total of 43 players will prepare for the new season.