Already 152km, full of expectations for the Cuban express substitute… “The Korean official ball is perfect for my hand” [Oh!Ssen Interview]

KT’s new foreign pitcher Bo Shul-seo (29) is raising expectations by reaching his personal best speed even before the demonstration game. Schulser cited the KBO league official ball that fits his hand as a factor for his quick adaptation. 토토사이트

In November of last year, Schulser signed a contract with KT for a total of 740,000 dollars (about 900 million won) and took on a new challenge. KT gave up on renewing the contract with ‘Cuban Express’ Audrey Samer Despine, who served as the ace for the past three seasons, and chose Schulser. 

Chulser joined the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 10th round in 2017 and recorded 25 wins, 28 losses, 4 holds, 11 saves, and an ERA of 4.12 in a total of 133 games in 5 minor league seasons. And last season, he finally made his major league debut, experiencing a big stage with a 3.63 earned run average with 19 strikeouts in 22⅓ innings in 10 games. 

How did Schulser decide to go to KT? He said, “I thought it was a great opportunity to be a full-time starting pitcher. The environment is also much better in the KBO league than in the minor league Triple A.” Therefore, he did not have much difficulty in choosing a transfer.”

Shulser is a right-handed orthodox pitcher who uses a variety of pitches, including sliders and cutters, with a fast fastball with a maximum velocity of 152km and a changeup as his main weapons. However, on the 4th (hereafter Korean time), in an evaluation match against NC held at Kino Sports Complex in Tucson, Arizona, USA, expectations were raised by marking the highest speed of 152 km with a four-seam fastball with no runs in 2 innings. 

Schulser said, “It feels like I got really close to the KT players through the spring camp. I shared a lot of good things,” he said. “Before I came here, I was worried that Korean coaches in the US would try to teach me a lot, but KT coaches have the same thoughts and directions as me, so I really like it.” 

The player who helps KT the most is Wes Benjamin, who has experience in Korea. Benjamin joined as a substitute foreign pitcher last year and quickly adapted to become the team’s ace. “I am so lucky to have met Benjamin. He is such a good and polite player. It provides a lot of information about KBO league culture, batters, and Korean etiquette. He introduced me to a good app, so I’m studying Korean little by little.” 

In the stadium, the official ball that fits his hand helps him adapt quickly. “I think the ball in the KBO league fits better in my hand than in the major leagues,” said Schulser. Major league official ball feels small when you catch it, but the KBO league does not. It’s also less slippery, so it’s good to throw,” he said with a satisfied smile. 

Schulser was also aware of the passionate cheering culture of the KBO League. This was also a great help in choosing to go to the KBO league, and I have a strong desire to get in touch with it quickly. “I already know the overflowing energy of Korean fans. In the United States, except for New York and Boston, there is a quiet culture of cheering while drinking, but I heard that Korea has a culture of cheering with energy.” 

In the first season, Shulser has to make a one-two punch with Benjamin to take center stage in the starting lineup. Is there any burden on this? “I’m always looking for fun,” he said. The reporters here will also like their jobs, but I am also very satisfied with my job. Always try to be fun and active wherever you are. My job has a shorter lifespan than other jobs, so I throw the ball while enjoying it as much as possible,” he showed an optimistic attitude. 

This year’s goal is for KT to advance into the postseason. Schulser said, “The most important thing is for the team to go to fall baseball. Also, the fact that the team went to fall baseball means that I also did my part,” he said. “Personally, I want to become a player who improves day by day. The goal is to show a better appearance in the last game than the first game.”