Afternoon Summit between President Yoon and Ukrainian President Zelensky

President Yoon Seok-yeol will have a surprise summit meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on the afternoon of the 21st. President Yoon메이저놀이터, who is attending the G7 summit 

in Hiroshima, Japan,  will have a bilateral meeting with President Zelensky this afternoon, the presidential office said. It is known that this summit was held as a result of the Korean government accepting the Ukrainian side’s request. On the 16th, President Yoon met Zelensky, the wife of President Zelensky, who visited Korea as a special envoy, and discussed the issue of aid to Ukraine. At today’s meeting between the leaders of the two countries, the issue of aid to Ukraine will be discussed as a major pending issue. President Zelensky, who was scheduled to attend the G7 meeting via video, changed his course yesterday afternoon and visited  the G7 in Hiroshima. President Zelensky, who arrived on a French government flight and appeared at a hotel in the city under strict security, met Indian Prime Minister Modi, British Prime Minister Sunak, and French President Macron one after another. At this meeting, foreign media reported that President Zelensky asked the heads of state to assist in a peaceful resolution of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. President Zelensky  attended a session to discuss peace in Ukraine with  G7 leaders today, the last day of the  G7 meeting .

It is known that he will also attend a session on peace and stability with heads of state and invited countries.