A lawyer from the 101st Police Corps, who was guarding the Blue House, assaulted “junior XX” in front of the emergency dispatch police.

A lawyer from the 101st police unit, who was in charge of guarding the Blue House안전놀이터, is being investigated for allegedly “bullying” a police officer who responded to an emergency call by swearing at him, claiming a seniority relationship.

According to a report by Chosun Biz on the 22nd, the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul is investigating the lawyer, A (47), for insult, and is conducting a preliminary investigation for obstruction of business under the Misdemeanor Punishment Act.

An urgent call to the 112 dispatch center was received at around 1 a.m. on the 17th. When the police officer on duty asked, “What’s going on?”, the caller, Mr. A, only repeated the words, “Please come quickly”. Determining that it was an emergency, the police issued a “code zero,” the highest level of response, to the local police station and sent three patrol cars to a sushi restaurant in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

When the officers arrived at the scene, they found Mr. A and asked him to explain the situation, and Mr. A said, “I need to find my bag.” When the officer said, “Shouldn’t I just report it as lost?”, Mr. Lee showed his lawyer’s ID and asked, “What’s your name, what does it matter if I report it or not?”.

When the police officer asked for his ID to issue a ticket, Mr. A claimed that he was a member of the 101st Police Patrol, and said, “Is this what you do these days? Are you sure about yourself?” Police Unit 101 is a unit that used to be in charge of security around the Blue House and is now in charge of security around the Yongsan Presidential Office. Afterward, A left, saying, “Those XX are real XXXs, you’re XX, you’re a junior XX,” according to the police.

Police are investigating A for obstruction of business under the Misdemeanor Punishment Act. The charge applies to anyone who “interferes with the work of another person, organization, or person performing official duties by engaging in mischief. The police officer who responded to the scene also charged A with insult. Contempt is a pro se offense, meaning that the victim must file the charge themselves. Bystanders and the shop owner submitted statements.

Mr. A listed “police officer” in his career field on a lawyer advertising platform and promoted himself on YouTube by posting videos on how to prepare for a police investigation. After graduating from college and working for a financial company, Mr. Lee joined the police force in 2009 and passed the bar exam after graduating from a local law school in 2017.