A drunken woman approaching a female YouTuber at an outdoor drinking and eating show, the scene of sexual harassment is broadcast as it is

A female YouTuber was sexually harassed by a drunken passer-by while broadcasting drinking makgeolli outdoors. The scene was released as a YouTube video안전놀이터 and is causing controversy.

On the 3rd, a video titled ‘Did you see this while drinking Jat Makgeolli?’ was uploaded on the YouTube channel ‘Male Kim’.

In the video, YouTuber Kim said, “I was a little drunk,” and while he was organizing his seat, a drunken guest approached him. Mr. Kim tried to send the drunk man away by saying, “Goodbye,” but the drunk man who came back patted Mr. Kim on the body and said, “Let’s drink together.”

In the end, when Mr. Kim put on his coat and prepared to leave, the drunkard made a sound of clashing his palms and said, “Hey, let’s hit it once.” Mr. Kim expressed his displeasure, saying, “(Drunken) can’t even go to the bathroom, so he urinates on the street.” At the same time, he said, “I can’t even see my own body,” and “that grandfather died faster than he came to his senses.”

Viewers who were watching the broadcast live in real time said, “Report it to the police,” but Mr. Kim said, “I don’t want to get involved.” It’s embarrassing for me to go to the police and explain.”

However, afterwards, he said with subtitles, “I regretted avoiding the situation without reporting it while watching the broadcast later.”

In the end, Mr. Kim is said to have filed a complaint with the police on the 9th, after the incident, against the man for forcible harassment and insult. Mr. Kim said in a comment, “At the time, accusation was a better choice than calling 112 right away.”

However, in a video uploaded on the 11th, Mr. Kim said, “I went to the complaint room on the first floor of the police station, and after watching my video, they told me the department in charge, so I went there, consulted with the police, and filed a complaint.” “As we think, there is no crime of sexual harassment. He added, “I filed a complaint for forced harassment and insult. It seems that I will go and be investigated sooner or later.”