8 servings of cup noodles, 4 kg of bubble gum… This is a ‘food’ product.

The Cup Noodle ‘Paldo Jumbo Lunchbox’, which is sold for a limited time at GS25 convenience store, serves 8 people. It is a super-large cup ramen that is 8.5안전놀이터 times larger than the existing ‘Paldo Dosirak’, and requires only 2.2 liters of water to boil. 3160 ㎉, far exceeding the recommended daily intake for an adult male (2700 ㎉). No matter how gluttonous I am, it is a sheep that I can’t even fathom on my own. However, on the 31st of last month, 50,000 units were sold out at the same time as the initial supply. This is because the core target audience for the product was ‘Mukbang YouTubers’.

Some foods are eaten with the eyes. especially the younger generation. The Korean trend ‘Mukbang’ ( Mukbang · Eating broadcast), which is also listed in the Oxford English Dictionary, is a clear proof of this. An official from GS Retail said, “Since the concept is so unique, we expected that mukbang YouTubers would sate their appetites.” A strategy to expand demand to younger customers through them. Despite the price of 8,500 won, the ‘Paldo Jumbo Lunchbox’ sold like crazy, and is currently preparing for additional production.

“The big ones are here.” YouTubers quickly took videos and uploaded them. ‘Hong Sound’, a mukbang YouTuber with 1.7 million subscribers, also jumped in. Hot chopsticks, but never shrinking noodles. The challenge continued. ‘Samdaejang’ with 990,000 subscribers emptying the bowl with three long men, ‘Myeonsangho’ with 220,000 subscribers who clears the mission by adding two lines of kimbap like a noodle-sikbeom (麵食凡)… . Ordinary customers who are tempted by the challenge craze are also heading to the convenience store. However, an official from GS Retail said, “It is recommended that a group of people eat it, not alone.”

Rumors that you have to open your mouth wide

The origin of such super-large cup noodles is Japan. In 2020, Maruka Foods’ cup of yakisoba ‘Peyang Chocho Chocho Chocho Minus Yakisoba Petamax’ is the main character. Like the exaggerated name, it is 7.3 times larger than the existing product. 4184㎉. “Never eat alone” is written on the outside of the wrapper. On the contrary, mukbang YouTubers cheered for that taboo. It’s such a great prey that you can pull out a piece of content for free. In the midst of stuffing ramen into waguwagu’s mouth, an extraordinary recipe also appears. This is because they voluntarily find the best taste to eat by mixing mayonnaise or adding natto. Thanks to its unexpected popularity, Maruka Foods launched a new spicy flavor last year.

The bigger the better, the bigger the food, the bigger the viewing effect. This is because a primitive ‘visual shock’ is essential in order to secure subscribers in the mukbang world, which has already become a red ocean. That’s why there are many mukbangs that show off their own handcrafted ‘super-large’ products and eat them up. Extra-large ‘Sweet and Sour’ (caramel), extra-large ‘Merona’ (ice cream), and extra-large ‘Eisher’ (candy)… . However, Yammu, a YouTuber specializing in the great king food who gnawed hard at the super-large ‘Apollo’, says. “Everyone, I want to stop eating.” Eating and living is never easy.

Up to sponsorship of ‘YouTuber Special Edition’

Then, the manufacturer produced a ‘YouTuber Special Edition’ and started sponsoring it for free. In February, broadcaster and model Joo Woo-jae was presented with an unusually sized chocolate snack ‘Tokping’. It was provided by Orion, a confectionery company, and the packaging container was increased 25 times compared to the existing product. Last year, it produced a super-large ‘Wow Gum’ weighing 4kg and shipped it to YouTubers and influencers. Shin Cook, a mukbang YouTuber who was frightened by the size, said, “It’s the size you can eat for 5 years,” but “the taste is the same.” Not for sale. An official from Orion said, “We are making and sending large packages to online influencers for the purpose of promoting our products.” It is a cost-effective means of advertising.

The Orion side also produced a YouTube video in which the developer of the ‘Corpoise Chips’ directly reveals the recipe for the ‘Corpoise Chips’ 100 times the size. Requests for comments to show extra-large items such as ‘Chocolate Mushrooms’ and ‘Whale Rice’ flooded in. As the demand for food for entertainment continues, ‘5ℓ bubble tea bottles’, similar to water purifier water bottles, are being sold at online shopping malls targeting influencers. However, gluttonous eating is not good for health. A TV comment window for a YouTuber who made 22ℓ bubble tea and ate it all day . “Watch out for diabetes!”