7G 6 wins’ Ulsan vs ‘7G undefeated’ Pohang, season’s first ‘East Coast Derby’ coming soon

1st place Ulsan, who won 6 out of 7 games, and 2nd place Pohang, who are undefeated in 7 games, meet. The result of this match could be a 6-point difference or a tie on points.

Ulsan Hyundai and Pohang Steelers will face off in the 8th round of ‘Hana One Q K League 1 2023’ held at Ulsan Munsu Soccer Stadium at 4:30 pm on the 22nd. Currently, Ulsan is in first place with 18 points, followed by Pohang in second place with 15 points.

# ‘Exclusive 1st place’ Ulsan, can it solidify its first-round system

? Ulsan went on a six-game winning streak before losing to Daejeon Hana Citizen in the last round. 1 loss, but still 1st place. Ulsan’s strength is its powerful attack. Ulsan scored 14 goals in 7 games. In particular, the tip of Rubik’s hand is sharp. He scored 5 goals and ranked first in scoring alone. Joo Min-gyu, who joined this season, also quickly melted into the team. Joo Min-kyu scored a goal and created a scoring opportunity with good linkage.

Ulsan suffered their first defeat of the season as they struggled under the pressure of Daejeon. Seol Young-woo lost the ball to Lee Hyun-sik’s pressure and gave Lee Jin-hyun the opening goal. Ulsan followed with Rubikson’s equalizer, but just before the end of the first half, Lee Hyun-shik contributed another goal. Although they poured an onslaught, they were unable to open the goal of Daejeon and lost 1-2. Ulsan ended their winning streak, but showed a fierce attack. It is encouraging that Bakko, who had been in a slump, came back to life. Ulsan is determined to catch the flow again by winning the East Coast Derby.

# ‘Undefeated’ Pohang, there is nothing to be afraid of if there is ‘God Ki-dong’

Pohang’s momentum is formidable. Pohang is currently the only undefeated team in the K-League. They are fiercely chasing 1st place Ulsan with 15 points. Prior to the season, Pohang sent away key players such as Kang Hyeon-moo, Shin Jin-ho, Heo Yong-jun, and Lim Sang-hyeop, and a difficult season was expected. However, Pohang is cruising by filling the gaps of the players who left. Pohang, equipped with a winning mentality, shows high concentration in the second half and accumulates points one by one.

The role of coach Kim Ki-dong, who is a ‘strategist’, is a big factor in maintaining the top rank despite the departure of key players. 스포츠토토Pohang allowed the opening goal in 4 of 7 matches. Director Kim Ki-dong took a quick change after conceding, and Pohang scored 7 of 11 goals in the second half. Director Kim Ki-dong’s mercenary skills showed the light. With a successful replacement card led by the special joker Lee Ho-jae, they won points. In order for Pohang to catch Ulsan, it is necessary to lead rather than follow.

# ‘175th’ East Coast Derby, who will laugh?

The East Coast Derby is the oldest derby in the K-League and one of the representative derbies of the K-League. Their overall opponent record is 58 wins, 52 draws and 64 losses based on Ulsan, and they are slightly behind Pohang. In the last 5 matches, they got 2 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses, winning two games each.

Ulsan and Pohang met at an important point. Currently, the difference between the two teams is 3 points. If Ulsan wins, the points can be expanded to 6 points, and if Pohang wins, the points will be tied. This East Coast derby is expected to be fiercer than ever.

Ulsan, who was on a six-game winning streak, lost to Daejeon in the last round. Ulsan’s goal is to regain the trend that has been broken by winning this game and solidify the first round system. However, we must not relax as much as we are facing Pohang, who always poured cold water on Ulsan. Attention is focusing on who will laugh at the 175th East Coast Derby.