70 billion MF who became ‘fat’, only played 102 minutes “leaving this summer”

Will Manchester City’s Calvin Phillips (27) leave the team this summer?

British media ‘Daily Mail’ said on the 5th바카라사이트 (Korean time), “There are rumors that Phillips could leave Manchester City this summer.” Reported.

“Phillips could part ways with the club this summer due to lack of playing time, but Guardiola said he would not make any decision right now.”

Guardiola said, “It’s up to the players. In the end, it’s up to the players. The players themselves have to convince the team,” he said. “The players have to earn my trust.”

Phillips, who made his professional debut at Leeds United, joined Manchester City for the 2022-23 season after playing for eight seasons. He showed faith by bringing in a transfer fee of 42 million pounds (approximately 70 billion won).

However, it is not running as a clear option. He has made just 17 appearances all season, eight Premier League appearances but no starts. He only digested 102 total minutes. It is safe to say that he has little influence on the team.

He had difficulty maintaining his physical condition due to frequent injuries and failed to control his weight. Guardiola’s physical condition was so poor that he referred to Phillips as being overweight.

Manchester City are in the race for the title this season. It surpassed Arsenal and rose to the top of the English Premier League, and the match against Real Madrid in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League semifinals was also approaching. In June, they play Manchester United in the FA Cup final.

As Manchester City played an important game, Phillips’ chances to play naturally decreased. He noted, “I’m not going to complain to Phillips because it’s hard for him to find a rhythm when he doesn’t play in a lot of games.”

“When the season is over, you will know about the future. We will discuss it with the players. You may want more playing time, you may not be satisfied with the current situation. But for now, we will not discuss anything.” .

Meanwhile, Phillips is currently attracting interest from Liverpool. This summer Liverpool are focusing on strengthening their midfield.