7 people joined the 28th LG Cup finals… A total of 11 people participated in Korea

Seven Taegeuk warriors were selected to take back the LG Cup Championship Cup. 

On the 25th, the Korean Kiwon held a final round of the 28th LG Cup Chosun Ilbo Kiwangjeon Domestic Qualification held at the Korea Kiwon Competition Hall, where a total of 7 people, including Kim Myung-hoon, Ahn Seong-jun, Han Seung-ju, Han Tae-hee 9th Dan, Kim Jeong-hyun, Seol Hyun-jun 8th Dan, and Park Sangjin 7th Dan, were selected for the LG Cup finals. joined,” he said. The competition ratio is 33.5 to 1. 

Among them, Kim Myung-hun and Kim Jung-hyun won against Choi Jeong-gwan 2nd dan and Choi Min-seo 3rd dan, respectively, calming the storm of new players. Ahn Seong-jun returned to Hong Seong-ji, 9th dan, and put his name on the LG안전놀이터 Cup finals in 6 years. Han Seung-ju and Han Tae-hee were on the stage for the first time in the LG Cup finals, and Seol Hyeon-jun was the third to advance to the finals. 

Won Seong-jin, 8th in the rankings, 9p, and Kim Ji-seok, 9th, were defeated by Han Tae-hee and Seol Hyun-joon, respectively, and were eliminated. 

A total of 235 people participated in this domestic selection, which took place six rounds from the 18th to cover seven finalists. 

A total of 11 players are ready to compete, including Shin Jin-seo 9p (international championship), Park Jung-hwan 9p (ranking seed), Byun Sang-il, and Ahn Guk-hyeon 9p (national representative seed). 

In China, winner Ding Hao 9p, runner-up Yang Dingxin 9p, Li Xuanhao, Mi Yuting 9p (above national seed), Ke Jie, Gu Zihao, Li Weiqing 9p, and Wang Xinghao 7p (above national selection) A total of 8 people announced their participation.

Japan has a total of three players, including Shibano Doramaru and Xu Zhayuan 9th Dan (above national seed) and Wi Jeongchi 8th Dan (national selection), and Taiwan’s Lai Junfu 8th Dan (national selection). The remaining one spot in the Round of 24 will be selected as the host seed.

The round of 24-16 matches will be played face-to-face at Konjiam Resort in Gyeonggi-do. Starting with the opening ceremony on May 28, the round of 24 on the 29th, the round of 16 on the 31st, and the quarterfinals will be held in December. 

The prize money for the winner of this tournament is 300 million won, and the runner-up prize money is 100 million won. The time limit is 5 countdowns of 40 seconds each for 1 hour.