‘6 out of 5’ BNK, the first win against Woori Bank created by earnestness

After 6 challenges, BNK defeated Woori Bank.

Busan BNK met Asan Woori Bank in the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball regular league held at Asan Yi Sun-shin Gymnasium on the 22nd and won 72-60.

BNK succeeded in advancing to the playoffs for the first time since its foundation last season. At that time, Kim Han-byeol (178cm, F) held the center, and Ahn Hye-ji (164cm, G) and Lee So-hee (170cm, G) also grew up a notch.토토사이트

This season, Han Eom-ji (180cm, F) was recruited to advance to the playoffs. In addition, Jinan (181cm, C) also melted into the team.

Although they faced Asan Woori Bank in the first game of the season and suffered a crushing loss, from then on, the team, centered on Kim Han-byul, did their best to advance to the playoffs. As a result, BNK maintains a top-tier fight. Although the gap with Woori Bank in first place was large, it continued to fight for second place with Samsung Life Insurance.

But in the second half, the momentum slowed down a bit. Samsung Life was also shaken by injuries to key players. In the meantime, Incheon Shinhan Bank recorded 4 consecutive wins and challenged the fight for second place. So, the three teams started competing for the second place.

At the start of round 6, BNK was in 4th place. In the first match of the 6th round, he faced Shinhan Bank and won. With the victory on this day, the game gap with Shinhan Bank, third place, was 0.5 games, and the game gap with Samsung Life Insurance was 1.5. With 5 games remaining, there was still a chance of second place.

BNK met Woori Bank in the second match of the 6th round. Woori Bank is the strongest team in the league this season, with only 4 losses this season. And in the 5th round, they defeated BNK and confirmed the regular season championship. Against Woori Bank, BNK met 5 times this season and lost all of them. BNK, who had to continue fighting for ranking, was desperate for victory. And that earnestness finally paid off.

BNK started the game in a good mood with Lee So-hee’s handoff score. In addition, the performance of Ahn Hye-ji and Jin-an was added, widening the score gap. made it 12-4. However, after that, he failed to score for about 3 minutes and 30 seconds, and he could not control Park Ji-hyun and Kim Jong-un and allowed them to pursue.

And I couldn’t make a flow in the second quarter either. Despite tying the opponent to 11 points, the score gap narrowed. Because BNK raised 8 points. In particular, the free throw success rate was disappointing. Eight free throws were taken, but only two were successful.

However, in the 3rd quarter, BNK’s outside goal, which had been quiet, broke out. In particular, Lee So-hee scored 10 points and Kim Han-byeol scored 8 points. In addition, Ahn Hye-ji led the team’s attack through the game operation. He recorded 6 assists in the 3rd quarter alone. Added to that was the players’ earnestness. This led to a dirty job and resulted in 4 offensive rebounds and 3 blocked shots. After a 15-2 run at the end of the quarter, BNK made it 51-38.

BNK’s first goal in the fourth quarter came relatively late. However, after the first goal was scored, an additional goal was immediately added. In particular, Hanbyeol Kim scored 7 points. A situation that has already set the mood. However, the BNK players were not vigilant until the end. Desperation for victory was greater than Woori Bank. It was a win situation, but I did not spare my body and did my best in the dirty work. In particular, Jinan added vitality and fighting spirit to the team by recording 5 offensive rebounds from under the goal. He also added 7 points. As a result, BNK kept the remaining time and won the match.

At an important moment, it was more meaningful because he met a difficult opponent and won. In response, Park Jeong-eun, coach of BNK, said, “Until then, it seems that our players were very nervous when they saw Woori Bank players. In particular, it was difficult to play in Asan. I think I needed more energy to break that part.”

BNK moved up to 3rd place again with the victory of the match. It’s been important until now, but from now on it’s more important. Now, on the 24th, BNK will face Samsung Life Insurance, which is in second place. If Samsung Life Insurance is captured, the chances of second place are higher. Can BNK, which has gained momentum by grabbing rivals Shinhan Bank and formidable Woori Bank, gain an advantage in the ranking fight by defeating even Samsung Life Insurance?