5 consecutive wins Shin Min-jun, 5 consecutive wins Park Jeong-hwan

quarter-finals In the last quarter-final, which was postponed, Shin Min-jun, 9th Dan, took the ticket to the semi-finals. In the 2022 Crown Haitai Cup quarterfinals held at the Baduk TV studio on the morning of the 24th, Shin Min-joon’s 9th dan won Choi Won-jin’s first dan with black in 223 moves. 헤라카지노도메인

The two knights were born in 1999 and are the same age. In terms of professional career, there is a big difference between Shin Min-jun, who joined in 2012, and Choi Won-jun, who joined in 2022. In the first confrontation, Shin Min-jun, 9th Dan, was never driven to the countdown, and he was never at a disadvantage.

“I thought it went pretty well in the early battle. After that, I think there were times when I was put in a difficult situation, but I think I was able to win by continuing to benefit from finishing,” said Shin Min-joon, 9th Dan.

Shin Min-jun, 9th dan, continued to win 5 matches this year, and Choi Won-jin, 1st dan, lost 3 games in a row this year. This is the first time for Shin Min-joon 9-dan, who has not yet won the Crown Haitai Cup, to compete in the quarterfinals. Choi Won-jin’s first team appearance.

The completed semi-final matches were Park Gun-ho and Yoon Seong-sik (25th), Shin Min-jun and Keum Ji-woo (26th). Both editions are played as the first match, and all four knights are challenging for their first victory in the tournament.

Founded in 2017, Crown Haitai Bae is an arena of competition for knights under the age of 25. This season is for those born after 1997. Shin Jin-seo, 9th Dan, ranked No. 1, has not participated since the 2019 season. The prize money is 30 million won.