“4 missing children from Amazon plane crash found alive…after 40 days”

Four Colombian children who went missing after a light aircraft crash in the Amazon have been found safe and sound 40 days after the crash, local media outlets El Tiempo and others reported today.

According to the report, Colombian military authorities informed the government on Sept. 9 that they had “confirmed that the children,안전놀이터 whose whereabouts had not been confirmed in the Amazon jungle, are alive.”

It’s been 40 days since the incident on March 1.

“The joy of the whole country,” Colombian President Gustavo Petro tweeted, “the children who disappeared 40 days ago in the Colombian jungle appear to be alive.”

Upon discovery, the children were reportedly suffering from dehydration and malnutrition.

The rescued children will be taken to a hospital for treatment.

The incident occurred on March 1, when the light aircraft was en route to a small town in Colombia when its engine failed and it crashed into the southern Amazon jungle.

Colombian President Petro had previously caused confusion by saying on Twitter that the children had been rescued, only to abruptly retract that claim 17 days after the crash.