2023-24 World Football Scouting Report Released…Kim Min-jae Ranked No. 1 Center Back in Top 5 European Leagues

The World Football Scouting Report 2023-24 European Top 5 has been released, featuring team strength and player information for the top five leagues in European professional soccer.

The World Football Scouting Report 2023-24 European Top 5 League includes 960 players from the top five leagues in Europe last season, divided into six positions: ▲ secondary strikers (attacking midfielders + wingers) ▲ center forwards ▲ central & defensive midfielders ▲ fullbacks & wingers ▲ center backs ▲ goalkeepers.먹튀검증

After converting the entire season’s records of the five major European leagues, the national FA Cup, the UEFA Champions League, and the Europa League to 90 minutes, we ranked each player by category and gave them a total score of 10 points based on the sum of the rankings, the average rating of 20 European soccer media and soccer record sites, and their team’s winning percentage.

“Monster defender” Kim Min-jae (Bayern Munich) earned a 7.27 rating in this positional player ranking, ranking first out of 169 comparable center backs across Europe’s top five leagues. He was followed by Lucas Martinez (7.23), Niko Schlotterbeck (7.20), Willy Orban (7.18), and Fabian Scherzer (7.17).

South Korea’s secondary attackers (attacking midfielders + wingers) also stood out last season. Out of the 270 players compared, Lee Kang-in ranked 36th with an overall rating of 7.15, Son Heung-min ranked 40th with 7.11, and Lee Jae-sung ranked 50th with 7.05.

Last season, Lionel Messi (8.33 points) topped the list of 960 players across Europe’s top five leagues. Center forward Kylian Mbappe (8.07), central midfielder Kevin De Bruyne (7.58), fullback and wingback Kieran Trippier (7.45), and goalkeeper Geronimo Rui (7.13) were rated the best in their respective positions.

The World Football Scouting Report also analyzes in-depth last season’s records and tactics of 96 teams from all five major leagues. Accurate statistics such as performance graphs over the last 10 years, match schedules, player appearances per position last season, goals scored and shot locations (in and out of the box), and offensive and defensive patterns (open play, fast breaks, direct free kicks, corner kicks, indirect free kicks, penalty kicks, combination play, and solo play) are used to detail how teams attacked. Passing patterns (short passes, long passes, crosses), corner kick styles (inswing, outswing, straight), attacking directions, ball possession, and goal scoring records by time of day were analyzed under a microscope.

Also of interest are columns by Korea’s top soccer expert, Han Jun-hee, vice president of the Korea Football Association, on the Corian Europeans (Son Heung-min, Kim Min-jae, and Lee Kang-in), and new generation commentator Park Chan-ha on Messi, Mbappe, and Holland.

There’s also a special appendix called the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) 2023 Asian Cup Guide. It’s a great resource for soccer fans looking to get the most out of the tournament, covering all 24 countries in the competition. You’ll find information on each country’s soccer history, Asian Cup qualifying results, three key star players (attack, midfield, and defense), head coach profiles, 30-man squads and projected formations, offensive and defensive tactical analysis, and more.