‘15 hits explosion & Oh Jae-il, Lee Seong-gyu 8 RBIs → Suarez’s first win’ Samsung wins 14-1 with ‘Choi Won-tae 10 runs’ Kiwoom

Samsung’s batting line exploded.

The Samsung Lions, led by coach Park Jin-man, escaped from a losing streak by winning 14-1 in a confrontation with Kiwoom Heroes in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at Daegu Samsung Lions Park on the 4th.

Samsung showed the power of fierce batting line that day. On this day, the Samsung batting line scored 15 hits, including two home runs, and brought a whopping 14 points. Samsung’s most goals this season. worked well Oh Jae-il and Lee Seong-gyu combined for 4 hits and 8 RBIs. In addition, Jose Pirella added 3 hits and 2 RBIs, Koo Ja-wook 2 hits and 2 RBIs, and Kim Tae-gun added strength with multi-hits.

On the mound, starter Albert Suarez won his first win of the season. On this day, he pitched 7 innings, 5 strikeouts and no runs. He completely overpowered the Kiwoom lineup.

Kiwoom failed to sweep. Choi Won-tae, who started as a starter, left regret by showing the worst pitch of the season, 11 hits and 10 runs in 4 innings. The batting line was also tied tightly to Suarez. It was comforting that he scored 1 point in the 8th inning.

Samsung: Pirela (left fielder) – Kim Ji-chan (2nd baseman) – Koo Ja-wook (right fielder) – Oh Jae-il (1st baseman) – Kim Tae-goon (designated hitter) – Kang Han-ul (3rd baseman) – Lee Seong-gyu (center fielder) – Lee Byung-heon (catcher) – Lee Jae-hyun The lineup was organized in order.

Kiwoom Lee Jeong-hoo (center fielder) – Park Chan-hyuk (designated hitter) – Kim Hye-seong (2nd baseman) – Russell (shortstop) – Lee Won-seok (1st baseman) – Lee Hyung-jong (right fielder) – Kim Dong-heon (catcher) – Kim Hwi-jib (3rd baseman) – Lee Yong-gyu (left fielder) went in order.

Samsung succeeded in suppressing the initiative. Pirella, who came out as the lead batter in the bottom of the first inning, gave the team a first run with a cool home run.

Samsung made a big inning in the bottom of the third inning. Lee Byung-hun got a hit, and Lee Jae-hyun went on base due to a pitcher’s throwing error. On 1st and 3rd base with no runners, Pirella hit Choi Won-tae with an additional RBI and a timely hit크크크벳. Kim Ji-chan’s sacrifice bunt resulted in first runners on second and third bases. Ja-wook Koo came out as a solution. He added strength to the team with two RBIs and timely hits. Here, Oh Jae-il’s two-run-po immediately took the point.

It didn’t end here. Kim Tae-gun and Kang Han-ul’s consecutive hits continued the momentum, and Lee Seong-gyu’s huge double hit two runners home. 8-0. In the 4th inning, Samsung also scored 2 more points with Oh Jae-il’s sacrifice fly and Kim Tae-gun’s 1 RBI double.

Kiwoom was blocked by Suarez’s good pitch and was unable to score a single point. Only innings were lost in regret. He only got 3 hits and 1 walk through the 6th inning.

At the bottom of the sixth inning, rain started pouring from the sky. However, Samsung did not know how to cool down. In the 6th inning with 1 out and bases loaded, Seong-gyu Lee’s 2 RBIs and 2 bases made it 12-0. And when Lee Byung-hun grounded, Kim Young-woong, who was on third base, entered the home field.

When the game tilted toward Samsung, Kiwoom lost to Lee Jung-hoo and Russell. Samsung brought one more point in the 7th inning. Oh Jae-il’s hit on second base with the second runner made it 14-0. Kiwoom scored 1 point in the 8th inning, but it was difficult to overturn the game.

Samsung didn’t give up any more points and managed to escape the losing streak.