01. Korean basketball is ruined ①

Jung Yun-hoo is an ordinary Korean who loves basketball and has had various experiences related to basketball in Korea and abroad. He believes that a competent operator is essential for the development of sports, and he argues that the sinking of Korean basketball should be found in incompetence. Star News publishes Jung Yun-hoo’s column ‘Hannong-eun Why’ every Monday. Please note that the column’s opinion is the columnist’s opinion and not a star news opinion


Opinions differ as to whether basketball is doomed. There is a side that is ruined and a side that is not.

There is only one difference between the two sides. vested interests!

Those who believe that basketball has not yet collapsed are those with vested interests in the basketball world. Professional basketball coaches and others who occupy a place in the KBL Korea Basketball Association can be cited. Those who think that basketball is completely ruined are people at the bottom.

I also think that basketball vested interests who think that basketball is not ruined may be trying to masturbate to find comfort for themselves.

An acquaintance I know personally gave me some advice. It was said, “If you say that basketball is ruined in front of basketball people, you will be hated. You should refrain from it.”

The reason why basketball failed seems to be the responsibility of basketball players or those who claim to be basketball players. Because the popularity of Korean basketball peaked when professional basketball was launched. And from then on it was downhill. Before the launch of professional basketball, domestic basketball had a fairly competent system for producing, packaging, and selling basketball idols. Idol players produced by colleges were sold to adult teams at high prices. College basketball players at the time were treated like current k-pop idols and enjoyed great popularity.

However, after becoming a professional, the competent system was virtually brought to an end due to the antagonism between the pros and the amateurs.

KBL, which was born in 1997, has already spent 26 seasons and has been steadily going downhill during that time. As a result, it seems that you are now looking at the bottom. I hope the present is the bottom where you can no longer fall. Maybe because our country’s basketball might fall into a deeper abyss.

There is a lot of evidence that Korean basketball is ruined.

The most representative example is ‘Can’t see basketball!’ can be found in ‘The Disappearance of Basketball’. Those who argue against it argue that basketball is maintaining a steady level, citing the fact that basketball is currently well-opened and leagues are well conducted across men and women. But is it really so?

The professional basketball league returns to inertia, but the disappearance of basketball is getting worse as time goes by. Until the early 2000s, basketball was played in three directions, four directions, and ten directions at the level of ‘Ask Bodhisattva’ and ‘Knowing Brother’ on countless cable channels.

It’s virtually impossible to watch reruns these days. The original broadcast has long since disappeared from the airwaves, and even on cable channels, you can only watch it as a paid channel for purchasing additional packages, not as a basic channel. Basic channels rarely deal with reruns as well as original broadcasts.

The days when basketball is moving away from us and disappearing are getting longer.

‘Out of site, out of mind’, basketball is getting away from the eyes of the fans, and instead, other contents occupy the eyes of the past basketball fans and the new generation who should be basketball fans.

basketball is ruined The younger generation who knows ‘Lee Sang-min, a man like oxygen’ is a rare species. Those who know that Seo Jang-hoon was a national treasure center and that he defended by throwing his body to stop China’s Yao Ming in the 2002 Asian Games in Busan should see it as a natural monument. 토토사이트

It’s been a long time since the slam dunk broke, but the ruined Korean basketball doesn’t seem to have an idea to even save this opportunity.

In order for Korean basketball to get back on track, the first thing to be resolved is for the members themselves to recognize that basketball has collapsed.
After that, you will be able to think of a way to jump up to the peak.